Setting up shop

ARC is currently located in Bloemfontein and we’ve made good friends throughout our stay in the Free State.

My starting point and interest in interior was definitely inspired by my beautiful mom.  She has been painting anything she could get her hands on since 1993.  People would still be gasping at the sheer mention of painted wood and my mom would already have a gold painted ball and claw lounge set.

This is still a dear hobby that both of us enjoy and as proud Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Stockists, Team-Mom-And-Me. love to get involved in anything that could get our hands dirty!

I am most myself when I get to create.


What we do best

We enjoy staying busy and we’ve found that we really like our job..


Our slogan reads – “We got this.”

Especially the following


Social Media Branding

The new world of marketing is increasingly visual.  As competitors strengthen their online profiles, a need to differentiate your brand’s identity on social media grows.  So, how can your business adapt to and leverage an increasingly visual social atmosphere?  By implementing a strong visual branding strategy on social media.

How can we help?

ARC industrial can help you to intimately understand Social Media and how to effectively use it to get a leg up on your competition.  As Millennials we have literally ‘lived and breathed’ the Social Network revolution and we understand what it takes to succeed in the new economy.

We specialise in the following:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

 Interior Design & Decorating

ARC industrial offers comprehensive interior design services for homes, restaurants and offices.  We also provide access to products to complement the design consulting services including furniture, both new and antique, decorator fabric, and home and office accessories.  At ARC we pride ourselves on personalised services that our market desires and can afford in a way that is unique from concept to implementation.  We offer design solutions based on our client’s taste, budget, use, and goals for the space.

We never shy away from an opportunity to get down and dirty in the bedroom, in the bathroom, and in the kitchen (to only name a few).  We also believe in a hands on approach when it comes to the interior painting of our clients’ homes.  Therefore, because of our experience and love for technique painting, we personally do the feature walls and paint techniques in our clients’ homes.

Functions & Events

ARC industrial provides services and event planning such as consultations, event day coordination and partial/full event planning.  We also offer a wide range of services under the category of social planning and corporate planning.  With ARC we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of event planning services while maintaining extraordinary customer service.

 Custom Designed Furniture

Co-Founder & CEO of ARC industrial, Marisa Visicale has spent many years designing and crafting boutique, high-end, industry-specific, and specialized furniture for her clients throughout South Africa.  We believe that when it comes to furniture, it’s not about giving the client a choice, but about having the client decide exactly what it is that they want.  Given the experience Marisa has gained over the years, she will be able to tell you what’s trendy, what’s iconic, and how to merge both of these factors into timeless pieces that you’ll love.

Commission Art

Because of our connections in the South African art world, ARC’s commissioned art service enables you to have the artist of your choice and style create an original, customized work of art that’s perfect for your home, restaurant or office.


So yes, we really have got this.  Sit back and allow us to do what we do best.

Cheers to 2017 and great journey ahead.